Hideki Kamiya Confirms Bayonetta 4 Will Happen

Platinum Game’s Hideki Kamiya has confirmed that Bayonetta 4 will happen sometime in the future. Kamiya spoke out on Twitter regarding Bayonetta 3’s ending after it wasn’t as well recieved as the studio hoped it to be. Kamiya acted as the game’s supervising director in the third game after being the supervisor in the second game and the original game director in the first game. He has seen the series grow into the large-format action game it is today but the ending to Bayonetta 3 has left fans on the fence.

In a series of tweets, Kamiya acknowledged the issues regarding the game’s ending. He confirmed that Bayonetta 3 laid the groundwork for the future of the series and in particular, Bayonetta 4. He says the ending in question was unexpected but at the same time, wasn’t conveyed as well as it should have been. That is because the studio was laying down the foundations for Bayonetta 4.

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Kamiya kind of went on a rant about the backlash from fans. He states that fans who didn’t enjoy Bayonetta 3 should rather not play the series ever again. He says that the game was made up of so many great elements including art design, the story and other layers of design. However, fans overlooked much of the game’s best features and judged the entire thing on the ending alone.

Of course, Kamiya didn’t share any exact details on the story for Bayonetta 4 or what exact “foundations” the studio laid down during the ending of Bayonetta 3. However, we are likely a few years away from seeing Bayonetta 4 in the flesh. Platinum Games will probably only start working on a sequel in the next few years.

If you haven’t played Bayonetta 3 yet, you should. You can read my full review of the game here and watch it down below.

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