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Hideo Kojima is Making a Next-Gen Action Espionage Game For PlayStation

Last night during the PlayStation State of Play event, Hideo Kojima presented a new trailer for Death Stranding 2: On The Beach but also surprised fans with the announcement of a new, next-gen action espionage game that Kojima Productions will be making exclusively for PlayStation. This is very exciting news as Kojima built his name on the iconic action espionage franchise, Metal Gear Solid, marking his triumphant return to the genre.

Hideo Kojima appeared at the end of the State of Play show with Hermen Hulst to reveal the untitled next-gen action espionage game. It’s worth noting that the use of “next-generation” implies that it will likely release on the console generation after PS5 (likely PS6). Production on the game will begin after Death Stranding 2 but Kojima also teased that some news will be shared about the project on his 40th anniversary in two years time.

Kojima added that he’s confident this action espionage game “will be the culmination of my work.” Making things a little more interesting, Kojima said, “Of course, it is an interactive game, but it is also a movie at the same time”, possibly transcending both the gaming and film mediums. Kojima describes it:

“It is a completely new ‘Action Espionage’ for the next-generation. It will be created using cutting-edge technology and the best talents from around the world, both from film and video games. Of course this is an interactive ‘game’, but the look, story, theme, cast, acting, fashion, sound, etc… are all at the next level of ‘Digital Entertainment’ that could be called a ‘movie’.”

The final clip from the State of Play shows a shot of Kojima and Hulst standing in what appears to be the studio lot for Sony’s Columbia Pictures with the name “Phyisint” beneath the sign, which is seemingly the working title for the project.

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