Hideo Kojima Next Project Cryptic Photo

Hideo Kojima Teases Next Project With Cryptic Photo

Hideo Kojima has posted a new cryptic photo on Twitter teasing his next project, which fans speculate could involve Norman Reedus. It’s possible that this image is a behind-the-scenes look at his next unannounced game, but some speculate it could also be the production of a new TV or film project since the creator opened his new studio in Los Angeles recently.

Kojima is no stranger to teasing major projects through his social media, and this time, he has simply posted a behind-the-scenes look at a project that many speculate might be his next game. What got the internet riled up was The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley’s reply to the tweet, who simply responded with an eyes emoji.

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This doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but some believe Kojima, who is good friends with Keighley, will show up at The Game Awards next month. Whether or not he shows off this mysterious project remains to be seen, but it looks like Kojima Productions (or his new LA-based studio) are already hard at work on something.

Hideo Kojima Next Project Cryptic Photo

Naturally, the internet responded with a lot of theories. Some believe Kojima somehow made peace with Konami and has reacquired rights to develop a new Silent Hill game, while others believe it’s Death Stranding 2 (which Reedus accidentally leaked this year). It’s also possible that this project is related to his Xbox partnership that’s apparently been in the works, and could be our first look at a possible Xbox exclusive title.

Whatever comes of this cryptic photo, we’ll only know more information about it later rather than sooner. Kojima Productions only just recently released Death Stranding Director’s Cut, and it could be a while until we hear more about their next project.

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