High Chance of Loadshedding Returning – Charge Your Mobile Gaming Devices

Eskom Loadshedding South Africa Stage 2 loadshedding
High Chance of Loadshedding Returning – Charge Your Mobile Gaming Devices

Yet again, loadshedding returned to South Africa as last night (7 November) Eskom announced that they would implement Stage 2 loadshedding from 22:00 to 05:00 this morning, ruining late-night gaming sessions across the country. Eskom warned that they could implement loadshedding on short notice this week due to an “unexpected shift in generating capacity” and last night it happened.

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This is, unfortunately, something us South African gamers just have to deal with as we can’t really do anything about it. What we can do is to prepare ourselves for the worst and charge our mobile gaming devices. Check out our handy “Gamer’s guide to loadshedding“.

We will update this article when Eskom announces their plans for today.

Right now, it is unclear if we will have loadshedding today and over the weekend, since the loadshedding last night was to try and prevent it from happening during the day. However, Eskom notes that the risk remains high and that we should all turn off our electronics at the end of the day and avoid standby mode…

Read the full “explanation” below as per an announcement on Eskom’s Twitter account.

Loadshedding remains a reality in South Africa right now and worst of all, sometimes the power gets turned off outside of the scheduled hours. For example, in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape, the power wasn’t supposed to go off on Friday at 02:00 – 05:00 am, but it still did, as someone read the schedule wrong and assumed that Thursday at 02:00 was actually Friday morning. Yes, this happens often and it makes matters worse, as unexpected loadshedding from Eskom can damage your gaming equipment.

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How do you prepare for possible loadshedding and how are you planning on getting some gaming time in while all this is going on yet again? Let us know in the comment section below.

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