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High on Life DLC Makes Fun of God of War Ragnarok’s Puzzles

The recent DLC for High on Life, fittingly titled High on Knife, seems to poke fun at the puzzle spoilers for Santa Monica Studio’s God of War Ragnarok. The self-aware comedy shooter often takes plenty of shots at other media and pop culture but this time, its targets were set on the tendency for Ragnarok‘s NPCs to randomly blurt out the solution to several puzzles in the game – something that some fans found a bit annoying. High on Life has joined in on the fun too.

A clip posted by GameRiot shows a section of gameplay from High on Knife where the Bounty Hunter, Knifey (one of the game’s talking weapons) and another NPC named Suit-O take shots at God of War Ragnarok. It’s not even being subtle about it as it directly references God of War, specifically making fun of the way NPCs will often spell out the solution to an environmental puzzle mere seconds after players discover it. Suit-O then proceeds to literally say how to solve a specific puzzle in the level in a mocking tone.

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Of course, this problem isn’t exclusive to God of War Ragnarok as games like Uncharted and Tomb Raider are also guilty of it, though it’s hilarious that High on Life acknowledges what everyone’s been thinking.

Referring to a quest for Toxxo in the game, Suit-O says:

“Hey there, Suit-O here! I’m gonna go ahead and give you a little God of War style tip that just gives the whole puzzle away. Go ahead and shoot those parasites on Toxxo and that’ll give you health to heal, and you can stay in the bath for longer. How’s that sound? A-Atreus out. Hahaha…. just kidding!”

High on Life launched on PlayStation earlier this year after spending some time as an Xbox and PC exclusive. The High on Knife DLC is currently available for all platforms.

Source: GameRiot

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