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High on Life Lets You Watch Full-Length Movies

High on Life, the latest game from developer Squanch Games and the talent of Justin Roiland who is best known for Rick and Morty, is officially out and fans quickly discovered some unexpected Easter eggs. The big one essentially lets players watch full-length movies. There’s a selection of four movies from the 70s, 80s and 90s that can be viewed in-game, which is nothing short of insane.

Players quickly began posting their discoveries online when they stumbled across the player character’s living room in High on Life. When you switch on the TV, you can view four full-length movies (for free, I guess). These are different from the TVs found outside the player’s house, though, as those offer unique animations on their own.

Prima Games detailed all four movies which can viewed in their entirety in High on Life:

  • Tammy and The T-Rex – Released in 1994, this sci-fi comedy follows a teen whose boyfriend’s brain has been implanted into an animatronic dinosaur.
  • Vampire Hookers – Released in 1978, Vampire Hookers is a Horror / Comedy based on an aging vampire with a harem of sexy, sexy vampires who lure young sailors to their death.
  • Blood Harvest – Released in 1987, this slasher film features a young woman who returns to an empty home and a town full of people getting their throat cut.
  • Demon Wind – Released in 1990, Demon Wind is a horror movie that follows a man’s investigation into his parents’ death, leading to a haunted mansion and a date with a demon.

If you’re unfamiliar with any of those, don’t worry, they’re (kinda) cult classics today. Tammy and The T-Rex is a genuinely fun and silly time, though.

High on Life is packed to the brim with surprises and unexpected discoveries that players are still digging through a couple of days after the game’s launch. We’ll keep track of everything cool that comes out of one of the most bizarre video games released this year.

High on Life is now available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Prima Games

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