Hilarious Fallout First Parody Website Appears as Fan Claims The Domain
Fallout 76 Private servers Bethesda Fallout 1st fallout first
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Not all heroes wear Power Armour. That’s the lesson today as a fan has claimed the domain and has created a hilarious parody/spoof website about the latest unpopular move from Bethesda with Fallout 76, where the developer and publisher announced private servers as part of a Fallout 1st subscription service last week.

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In case you didn’t know, Bethesda is charging $12.99 (R190) or $99 per year (R1447) at a 36% discount for fans who want to have their own private server in Fallout 76 in the Fallout 1st subscription service. This isn’t a popular move by Bethesda, who also started charging over R100 for a refrigerator in the game in September last year.

Please note: The website has some very strong language, so click at your own risk. 

Now, one hero fan has managed to register the domain and has created a hilarious spoof website filled with parody about the Fallout 1st subscription service announcement.

At first glance, it looks like the Bethesda blog announcing the subscription service, but you will soon come to realise it isn’t the same at all. The person who created the website is only known as Count Chappy and has started a GoFundMe campaign to keep the website up and running and to cover the domain costs.

In the GoFundMe campaign, Count Chappy explains that:

Recently Bethesda decided to launch a subscription service for their game Fallout 76 named Fallout First. I created the satirical website named Fallout First for commentary on the poor decisions and practices of Bethesda. Per the request of some Redditors and others, if you would like to donate money to pay off the cost of the domain hosting and registration fees, you are more than welcome to. IT IS NOT REQUIRED OR EXPECTED.

At the time of writing, Bethesda has not made an official comment on the website.

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What do you think about this move by a fan and the Fallout 1st subscription service for Fallout 76 by Bethesda? Let us know in the comment section below.






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