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Hisense Currently Testing South African Disney+ App For VIDAA OS

If you own a Hisense TV in South Africa that runs VIDAA OS you’ll probably find this news exciting. The platform is the one and only TV operating system in SA that doesn’t have Disney+ available to download. While Hisense releases some TVs with Android TV, which enables the ability to download Disney+, users with VIDAA units have been left in the dark when it comes to the app. Thankfully, that is going to change soon.

According to Hisense, the company is now testing the South African Disney+ app for VIDAA Hisense models. Speaking to a Hisense product marketing manager regarding my latest collaboration on the ULED TV lineup, he confirmed that the app started testing in July and will be released soon.

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Testing apps doesn’t take a long time which is good news for South Africans waiting for Disney+ on VIDAA Hisense TVs. If anything, we might see the app released in the next few weeks on the platform. Hisense will likely roll out a new firmware update for its supported TVs which will automatically add the app to your unit. It is still too early to tell whether or not the app will be plagued with bugs and issues like the rest of the platforms on the market running the Disney+ Hotstar version.

Hisense is also working on a new FIFA+ app that is exclusive to VIDAA. The app will act as the destination for upcoming FIFA 2022 World Cup content including match archives, highlights, live games and more. You can read more about the FIFA+ app here.

I am currently reviewing the entire 2022 Hisense ULED range. The first of which is the Hisense U6H which marks an incredible entry-level TV for users. You can read my full review of the TV here and watch it down below.

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  • Rohan 17 Dec 2022

    Hi, I bought a Hisense U7H TV but it still does not have Disney app – any idea how to install it?

    • Faheem 28 Dec 2022

      It’s December 28th, still no Disney+ in the market. When I change to Mauritius, I get it, but it says it’s not licensed for my region.

      I’m pretty sure the issue is around licensing and not that the app works or not.

      Maybe you can speak to the Manager there and give us an update. It’s been 3 months since your article 😅

    • Nasi 27 Jan 2023

      Hi Rohan have you been able to install asyet, I also want to know how to install

  • Anonymous 5 Jan 2023

    Still No Disney plus

    i have check and the firmware is on its latest version 🙁

    very sad

    • Marco Cocomello 6 Jan 2023

      I honestly don’t know what is taking so long. I will try and reach out for an update on this.

  • Morne 11 Jan 2023

    It is now Jan 2023 and still not Update for Disney +. The sad part is that I bought a small Roku to just watch Disney +.
    I love the TV but the support for Hisense well lets not go there.

  • Gary 13 Jan 2023

    Purchased a new Hisense 55Inch TV from Hirsch on Wednesday this week and Disney Plus does not work on the TV. If Hisense cannot sort this issue out I will be returning the TV to Hirsch and switching to another Brand.

  • Melchior 18 Jan 2023

    Any idea why Apple Airplay isn’t working on my Hisense 55 U7H tv? Installed the latest updates also and still not managing it to work. Is there a workaround or any ETA when it will be available for the TV if not released yet? (South Africa)

  • Carin Behrens Van Tonder 20 Jan 2023

    I just bought the Hisense 43″. My children watch Disney+. But I cannot download it. Why dont they say it at Makro? They just told me everything is able to be streamed. This is absolute nonsense. I want my money back.

    Any idea when we will be able to download it or how must I go about to get a refund?

  • Morne 24 Jan 2023

    I had this question about 1 Years ago on my Hisense tv when will they support it.
    There answers was on twitter it will never be supported.
    So i bought my self a small android machine and installed it in there.

    I had a few guys asking on twitter after I posted it on my twitter account what the response was from Hisense and they all went for Samsung TVs because they support it.

    The problem with Hisense is the lack of support for anything .
    My last TV 55 Inc had an update and it deleted some of the application and they could never fix it .

    So in my opinion Hisense TV are great by there services are pathetic.

  • Anne-Marie 4 Feb 2023

    Hi. I am watching Disney+ through the web browser and it works. Did a bookmark .
    Really hope the ap will be available soon

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