Hitman 2 Will Focus on Agent 47’s Past and Backstory Like Never Before
Hitman 2
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The first Hitman reboot that released in 2016 was a great game but the issue I had with it was the lack of character depth for Agent 47. He was more a killing machine than anything else and as a player, we never could relate to him on a personal level. Chatting to Theuns Smit at Comic Con Africa this past weekend, I was able to dig for some detail on the upcoming game and how the new experience will touch on Agent 47 and his layered past. My concern was that the upcoming Hitman 2 would be the same as the first game and lack this but we can rest assured that IO Interactive has put a big emphasis on our favourite bald assassin. Check out our full interview with Theuns below;

We have known Agent 47 for years now. We also know that he is a pretty shallow character and his character has remained the same since back in the early 2000s. Can we see Hitman 2 grow Agent 47’s character in any way? Will it touch on his life, backstory or character in any specific way and make him someone we care about?

I can definitely say that the team have doubled up on the story directive of Hitman 2. With the previous game, we had our episodic directive, we saw it was a little hard for players to track what was going on in the story. So with Hitman 2, we have a full package and complete experience from the start when it releases on November 13. This has really allowed us to spend much more time on the story and really build into it. With Hitman 2 we are building into the story and Agent 47’s background. You may have already heard of the shadow client which sees Agent 47 trying to track him down and he is going to learn some things of his past that will make sure things are never the same again. You can expect a lot more twists and turns for him, his companion characters and even Diana, his handler. There is a lot more to expect from the story this time. 

How has the reception of Hitman 2 been from gamers playing the game at expos around the world?

The response has been great. There was such a big build-up leading to the game’s announcement that when we revealed it at E3 this year everyone went wild and were super, super happy about it. The core fans and even the newcomers are becoming familiar with Hitman and the unique approach of its gameplay. Gamers are loving how you can plan out your approach and assassination. I would say the response has been great.

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Hitman has always had a large emphasis on stealth and unique ways to kill. How has the team expanded that with Hitman 2? What is your favourite way to get rid of your target?

So some of the things that have been expanded and one of the big things is the fan-favourite briefcase and we have brought it back. This has allowed for a whole new approach to gameplay as it allows you to smuggle your sniper in with you and walk into the level with a highly-lethal weapon and the guards will be none the wiser. They are not going to stop you because it looks like a simple suitcase. This really feeds into the agent fantasy. But not only sniper rifles but other tools and weapons and you can use whatever you bring in with you like a puzzle piece to set up your assassination. For example, taking your suitcase and throwing it over a wall. You know what happens to unattended luggage? It gets taken away. So in a way, the NPCs even smuggle your weapon into the level. There is always an extra layer to whatever you are doing more opportunities to each approach.

Tell me about the World of Assassin that IO is working on

We are working on bringing everything “Hitman” into one experience and make it fall all under one roof. Everything from the past and the present will exist together which means we are also releasing the Hitman Legacy Pack which is basically Season One content that will be remastered and retrofitted with all of Hitman 2’s changes and innovations. So if you already own the first Season then you will get this for free. You will be able to boot up Hitman 2 and play the entire experience and our commitment is whatever happens to Hitman 2 will be updated to support Season One.

We played Hitman 2 at E3 2018 and loved it. Check out this awesome video of Pippa and I play different roles as we took on the demo in completely different ways. Hitman 2 releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 12 November 2018.

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