Hitman 3 Could Already be in Development
Hitman 3
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In November last year when Hitman 2 released, I had a killer time (sorry) as Agent 47. IO Interactive really continued to step up their game and even the sniper assassin mode was pretty fun. However, everyone and their cat probably knows about the tough road the developer had to take in 2017 when Square Enix tried to sell them off and they became an independent studio. Now, over two years later, it seems like IO Interactive isn’t slowing down and Hitman 3 could already be in active development.

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I talked about the Square Enix debacle because there’s a new NoClip video game documentary, hosted by Danny O’Dwyer focusing on how IO Interactive managed to survive in 2017 and push out the fantastic Hitman 2. In this documentary (view at the bottom of this article) it was revealed that the team is working on Hitman 3.

In the video, Mr O’Dwyer says that the team is “working on new Hitman content and looking ahead to the third Hitman game”. IO Interactive’s CEO, Hakan Abrak, says that:

Hitman is a trilogy. There’s a bright future – there’s this full realization of the whole World of Assassination that we’re looking towards as well. The World of Assassination, when that’s complete, it’s going to be one game with all the locations starting from Paris in Hitman to the last location in Hitman 3.

Not only does it sound like Hitman 3 is in development, or at the very least planned, but IO Interactive’s Copenhagen branch is also working on something secretive, a new IP.

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Are you a fan of the Hitman franchise and which location do you want to see Agent 47 travel to in Hitman 3? I would love to see him make his way to Johannesburg or Cape Town. Let us know in the comment section below and check out the whole NoClip documentary if you have some time to spare.

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