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Hogwarts Legacy Cut Content Includes Getting Drunk, Bullying and Morality

Quidditch isn’t the only thing that didn’t make it to Hogwarts Legacy at launch. Dataminers recently unearthed the game’s files to discover a bunch of cut content from the game which includes an unused morality or reputation system. More content excluded from the game’s final release mentions options to define your character better during classes, bullying, being able to commit crimes, get drunk and a bit more.

A video from YouTuber/dataminer GrandTheftDiamonds was uploaded a few weeks ago but only caught traction in the news sphere now. It revealed some unused and cut content for Hogwarts Legacy. It’s easy to see why many of these things were cut in the first place unless Warner Bros Games wanted to risk driving the age rating up.

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First and foremost is a morality/reputation system that would be marked by House Points. As it stands in the current game, there’s little to no repercussions for using the Unforgivable Curses on fellow students. This morality system would’ve added some weight to your evil actions. For example, using one of the curses on a student or teacher would lead to you losing House Points. It’s unclear how this would’ve impacted the endgame but we speculate that if you frequently used forbidden curses, it’s unlikely that you would’ve gotten a favourable nod from the headmaster.

Additionally, there was another option cut from Hogwarts Legacy that allowed you to attend classes on a regular basis, even when it wasn’t tied to the main story or side quests. Classes would further define your character too. You could choose how to behave in class, like being popular and striving for top marks, telling jokes or just being lazy.

Another piece of cut content would allow you to interact with classmates more organically. If you saw a classmate being bullied, for example, you could choose to intervene and stop the bullying or jump in and bully the student yourself.

Finally, there’s all the smaller bits of cut content from Hogwarts Legacy that would’ve definitely put a question mark on the game. Apart from some cut spells, potential romance and companions, players could also choose to get drunk and commit crimes (probably not together but you could if you wanted, I guess).

The morality system is definitely something that would’ve been a welcomed feature in Hogwarts Legacy since it would’ve made players second-guess using forbidden curses and dark magic instead of freely using them without consequences. As for getting drunk and doing crimes, that would’ve put it closer to a Wizarding World Grand Theft Auto. All it needed was the option to hijack broomsticks.

Hogwarts Legacy is currently available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: GrandTheftDiamonds

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