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Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Details Reveal Game Length, Spell Count and More

Hogwarts Legacy is right around the corner. We are just two weeks away from playing the game we have all been waiting for since we were kids. Last night, a bunch of gameplay previews went live across certain media outlets that had early hands-on with the game. Thanks to these previews, we now have a good idea of just how long Hogwarts Legacy is, how many spells we can learn and whether or not we’ll be able to have romantic relationships in the game.

We already know that Hogwarts Legacy features over 100 side quests to take on throughout the game. According to early information, Hogwarts Legacy features up to 150 quests in total. These span between side quests and main quests. All of these combined with the general exploration and gameplay will total up to 120 hours of game time in Hogwarts Legacy. This means if you want to 100% the game, you’ll need over 100 hours to do so.

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Hogwarts Legacy is also packed with a handful of mini-games and other activities which will keep you busy during the game. These include open-world activities, magical encounters and of course, your general classes.

Hogwarts Legacy features two mechanics which determine the game’s activities. This includes a season system as well as a day and night cycle. Both systems play into the game’s progression and what content is available for the player at the time. At night, new activities unlock for example. In winter, new mini-games are available.

We can also confirm that Hogwarts Legacy features a full transmog system. Meaning that players will be able to obtain cosmetic items and equip them over their current cloaks. You won’t be forced to wear equipment and look like a clown just because it is more powerful. You’ll be able to fully customize your appearance using the variety of cosmetics in the game.

Unfortunately, there are no romantic options in Hogwarts Legacy. Players cannot develop relationships with other students in the game. You’ll meet new characters that tie into the game’s story and the many side quests you take on but those characters are scripted in a set way.

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Players who want a challenge will be able to select from four difficulties in Hogwarts Legacy. These four difficulties will enhance the gameplay curve depending on the level. Duels are tougher, enemies have more health and players will be defeated a lot faster on the higher difficulties.

Speaking of duels, Hogwarts Legacy features 26 spells in total. Players will learn these throughout the game by attending classes and completing side quests. Not all of these spells are combat based. Many of them also unlock new ways to get around the world and interact with locked areas.

That is all we can gather from the previews at this stage. Hogwarts Legacy is set to launch on 10 February for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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