Hogwarts Legacy is Still Part of WB Games’ 2022 Lineup

"We are still worried"

Hogwarts Legacy 2022 Release Date
Hogwarts Legacy is Still Part of WB Games’ 2022 Lineup

WB Games wants players to know that Hogwarts Legacy is still set to release in 2022. This is after reports claimed that the upcoming game was delayed due to development trouble. Yesterday, we covered the news by industry insider Colin Moriarty who said that Portkey Games were struggling to finish the game in time. Later in the day, WB Games posted a list of its upcoming 2022 games and Hogwarts Legacy was included.

Keep in mind that WB Games might have just included the game on the list to play things safe. If Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed, it hasn’t been officially announced yet and the publisher won’t acknowledge this until such a time. This means any social media posts it shares will have to include Hogwarts Legacy until the delay is official.

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With that being said, according to another insider AccNgt, they also claim that Hogwarts Legacy will release this year. AccNgt previously leaked Star Wars Eclipse and also accurately said that Hogwarts Legacy would skip The Game Awards show. However, take this with a pinch of salt for now because these so-called “insiders” have proved to be unreliable in the past few months.

Right now, all we can do is wait and see what WB Games has in store for us. While I would love to believe the game is still on track, we haven’t seen or heard anything official from the title in almost two years. A simple tweet from WB Games including it in their 2022 calendar just isn’t enough at the moment. With all these rumours swirling around, we need something official.

You can take a look at the tweet below where WB Games mentions Hogwarts Legacy as a 2022 game alongside other titles like Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, Gotham Knights and more.

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