Hogwarts Legacy Reportedly Coming to March PlayStation Event

"A release date is imminent"

Hogwarts Legacy 2022 Release Date
Hogwarts Legacy Reportedly Coming to March PlayStation Event

Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming RPG from Warner Bros. Games and developer Avalanche Software, is reportedly set to make an appearance at a rumoured PlayStation event happening this March. A prominent leaker reveals that it will likely show up this month, hopefully along with a concrete 2022 release date.

Leaker AccountNGT, who previously leaked Star Wars Eclipse, has revealed that Hogwarts Legacy will likely be part of an upcoming PlayStation event apparently taking place sometime this month. XboxEra podcast host and insider Shpeshal Nick also chipped in, confirming that this PlayStation State of Play will be the “good one”.

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Previous reports suggested that Hogwarts Legacy could potentially be targeting a September 2022 release window. If a PlayStation event does happen this month, it would be perfect timing for Warner Bros. Games to drum up some hype and reveal more information about the title.

So far, we know that Hogwarts Legacy will take place a few centuries before the Harry Potter timeline. We’ll play as a newly enrolled student at Hogwarts, assigning ourselves to a house and from there, we can participate in the wizarding school’s curriculum of various classes while also uncovering a greater mystery at large in the story.

Warner Bros. previously confirmed that both Hogwarts Legacy and Gotham Knights are still set to release sometime in 2022, so this rumour may have some truth to it. If there’s ever a time to start marketing the game a few months ahead of its release, it’s now.

That said, it’s unknown if Gotham Knights, the Batman game being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal, will also show up at this PlayStation event. Since it’s also releasing in 2022, we can assume that a release date reveal for the game might not be too far off.

Hogwarts Legacy is currently in development for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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Source: AccountNGT

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