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Hogwarts Legacy Reveals Open-World Broom Flight, Dark Arts Battle Arena and More

Developer Avalanche Software and publisher Warner Bros. Games have released a massive 35-minute gameplay showcase of Hogwarts Legacy, unveiling plenty of new information and features that will be in the upcoming, highly anticipated Wizarding World game. Some of the highlights from the showcase included open-world broom flight, the Dark Arts Battle Arena, the Room of Requirement and more.

Hogwarts Legacy will allow players to explore the entire castle as well as the surrounding grounds and areas in an open-world. Getting around by foot would be the logical way to travel but Avalanche Software revealed that it will be possible to take to the air on a flying broom and freely explore the open-world that way. Needless to say, there’s probably an invisible limit in case you were hoping to Firebolt your way to London or beyond.

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In addition to open-world broom flight, the developers also highlighted the Dark Arts Battle Arena, which will allow players to preview Unforgivable Curses without having to earn them. Avalanche Software also made it clear that players will still be able to use these curses in the game and outside of the arena, which will likely impact your character progression.

Sadly, the Dark Arts Battle Arena will only be available to players who purchase Hogwarts Legacy‘s Collector’s or Deluxe Editions. This has already upset many fans who feel like Warner Bros. Games is intentionally locking content, that would’ve otherwise been significant or helpful in the base game, behind the higher-priced editions. It’s not the first time that a publisher has done this, but in the case of Hogwarts Legacy, fans are still upset over some PlayStation exclusive content which will lock players on other platforms out of an entire legacy dungeon.

Avalanche Software touched on the Room of Requirement, which is described “your home within Hogwarts, a personalisable space that actually has some utility as well, where you get to brew things and grow things and also care for some beasts.” It will seemingly be a highly customisable space for the player to freely experiment in between taking classes and unearthing whatever dark threat comes next in the main story.

Hogwarts Legacy launches on 10 February 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. It will later launch on PS4 and Xbox One on 4 April 2023. Nintendo Switch players will receive the game on 25 July 2023. Check out the full presentation below.

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