Hogwarts Legacy State of Play Set For This Week

"14 minutes of PS5 gameplay incoming"

Hogwarts Legacy 2022 Release Date
Hogwarts Legacy State of Play Set For This Week

Wands at the ready! Sony and WB Games are hosting a special Hogwarts Legacy State of Play stream this week. The broadcast will kick off on 17 March at 23:00 SAT / 5 PM ET / 10 PM CET.

The Community Manager at WB Games says the stream will run for about 20 minutes and include 14 minutes of PS5 gameplay to enjoy. The remainder of the stream will then play host to a number of key developers at WB Games who will share their insights into how the Wizarding World is being brought to life in Hogwarts Legacy. 

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So far, the original Hogwarts Legacy reveal trailer has been watched over 28 million times. The game is one of the most anticipated titles headed to platforms. While we don’t have an exact release date yet, reports claim that the game will release just after May this year. This is after fears of the game’s delay were brought to light earlier this year.

We know very little about Hogwarts Legacy at the moment but we can’t wait to see more later this week. You can tune into the stream on YouTube and Twitch. Watch the original trailer down below.

Source: PS Blog

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