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Hollywood Studios Exploring AI to Write Scripts Amidst Writers Strike

Multiple studios in Hollywood are exploring the idea of using AI to write scripts based on books and other popular IP. This news arrives amidst an ongoing writers strike currently taking place in the industry. The studios reportedly plan to hire writers to rewrite those AI scripts as soon as the strike ends.

As reported by Above The Line, Hollywood seems to be interested in using AI to generate scripts that adapt popular IP, books and more. Artificial intelligence has quickly gained momentum in creative spaces over the years but it was met with some backlash, particularly from creators and artists who criticised the ‘soulless’ generated AI art and content. The source clarifies that Hollywood studios are simply exploring AI instead of putting it into practice right now.

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The Writers Guild of America (WGA) insists that AI should not be used to create any literally material whatsoever. While some see the benefits of using AI to aid writers in coming up with basic frameworks, most writers are still strictly against using artificial intelligence to create full scripts. It’s a major cause for concern as AI continues to be a hotly debated topic in the entertainment industry.

It’s highly unlikely that Hollywood studios will replace actual writers with AI anytime soon. As impressive as the technology is at this point in time, it’s still incapable of putting a writer’s creative touch on a script or successfully replicating the emotions a writer might be trying to convey through dialogue and actions.

The WGA is fighting back against studios using AI, especially in fear that it may lead to more and more writers potentially losing jobs in the long run. A while back, the art community was divided on the implementation of AI to generate artworks and understandably so. It’s still an ongoing issue there and it would probably lead to more animosity if it does take off in Hollywood.

Source: Above The Line

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