Horizon Call of The Mountain Has Multiple Paths to Pursue

"Not a rail game after all"

Horizon Call of the Mountain
Horizon Call of The Mountain Has Multiple Paths to Pursue

We haven’t seen much of Horizon Call of The Mountain yet other than two scripted gameplay trailers. So far, by the look of things, the PS VR2 game seemed to follow a sort of “track” type gameplay whereas the player would follow a linear track as they completed gameplay objectives and participated in combat encounters. However, seems that Horizon Call of The Mountain is actually a lot more open than it seems. So much so that the game will give players the freedom to explore various locations and paths to uncover the game completely.

The news comes from its updated webpage where the game’s progression was hinted at. The description reads ” “Explore a diverse landscape – embark on a journey with multiple paths to take where you’ll have to look all around you to uncover the secrets of the mountains.”

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So we know that Horizon Call of The Mountain isn’t an open-world game. However, we also know that the PS VR2 game won’t be a track game either. Instead, the official description gives us an idea that the game will be a somewhat linear adventure as players are given the freedom to explore different regions and interact with stuff around them.

This is great news. While an “Until Dawn: Rush of BloodHorizon game would have been fun, the idea of exploring the world in PS VR2, even if it is just smaller hubs, will offer some nice gameplay variety.

Horizon Call of the Mountain is due to release alongside the PlayStation VR2 headset sometime later this year. Watch the latest trailer below.

Source: Official game page

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