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Horizon Forbidden West Accessibility Features Detailed

Guerrilla Games have detailed the various accessibility features coming to Horizon Forbidden West when it launches on PS4 and PS5 next week. These include a custom difficulty setting, fully remappable controls and a “co-pilot system” which grants a second controller access to the game with mirrored controls.

Horizon Forbidden West principal designer Brian Roberts detailed the game’s accessibility features in order to make the game an experience anyone can play. Firstly, the game will enable subtitles by default. It will also include an “encyclopedia” of information that players can refer to along with a tutorials section.

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Horizon Forbidden West will have five preset difficulty settings, but there will also be a Custom Difficulty option that lets players tweak how much damage Aloy receives and deals. There will also be an Easy Loot option where players won’t have to detach resources from machines before bringing them down.

Roberts also detailed the new co-pilot system, explaining:

“Another new feature is the Co-pilot system, which grants a second PlayStation controller with mirrored controls access to the game. This only requires another controller (DualSense controller for PS5, DualShock 4 controller for PS4) and a second user profile. The Co-pilot system was implemented thanks to incredible feedback and support from our sightless accessibility consultant.”

A variety of automatic settings that will make the game easier include Auto Concentration (which temporarily slows down time for players to aim their bow), Auto Sprint, Auto Heal (when below 50% health), and Auto Shieldwing (which deploys Aloy’s glider when falling from heights).

Finally, there will be a few controller settings too such as left-handed support. Additionally, players can remap the controls to their preference and will guide them incase of any conflicts with action buttons.

Horizon Forbidden West releases on 18 February 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

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