These Horizon Forbidden West Statues and Adverts are Brilliant

"Have you spotted a Clawstrider yet"

Horizon Forbidden West Clawstrider Australia
These Horizon Forbidden West Statues and Adverts are Brilliant

Sony has pumped a little extra cash into its marketing budget for Horizon Forbidden West. All across the world, users have spotted some cool adverts celebrating the game’s launch. Some of these are rather extravagant with giant statues taking over national parks while others come in the form of billboards.

The best one I have seen so far has to be spotted in Australia. Sony erected a giant replica of the Clawstrider machine that sits at 3 meters tall by 7 meters long. The sizing is accurate to the game’s machine model if you were wondering.

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The Clawstrider statue is situated in Sydney’s Botanical Gardens overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Sony says they have also erected 15 more of these Clawstriders around the globe but we don’t know where just yet. If you want to see this one then you have until 22 February to do so.

Horizon Forbidden West

The next statue can be found in Florence, Italy. This one isn’t as over-the-top as the Clawstrider but it suits the location perfectly. The statue is a stone carving of Aloy. It looks to be incredibly detailed and if anything, might live alongside some other popular statues in the area without anyone asking questions. I don’t know why the statue is called “Aloy – The Placeholder” but its marble base will fit perfectly in my garden.

Horizon Forbidden West Florence Italy statue

In the United Kingdom, Sony has taken over the BFI IMAX in Waterloo with giant adverts that light up the city. The ads wrap around the outer shell of the IMAX and include three images. Two with underwater shots and another one with Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West.

In Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester Sony has also put up large billboards that showcase some fierce machines. There is the Slitherfang, Tremortusk and Shellsnapper.

If we spot any more of these Horizon Forbidden West ads we will update this post.

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