Horizon Forbidden West DLC Burning Shores

Horizon Forbidden West ‘Burning Shores’ DLC Reveal Teased – Report

A new expansion for Horizon Forbidden West, titled Burning Shores, is reportedly set to be announced soon. This is according to a new tease from leaker The Snitch and reports from Insider Gaming, which claims that the DLC is targeting an April 2023 release date. Sony and developer Guerrilla Games have yet to officially confirm anything.

Prominent leaker The Snitch recently posted an image showing a map of the Western United States and a cone shape clearly marking three locations: San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Fans quickly put together that this was a reference to Horizon Forbidden West which predominantly takes place in the states of California, Nevada and Utah.

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However, some in-game details might provide us with contextual clues to Burning Shores. The location is mentioned a few times in Horizon Forbidden West, located south of Spinebreak according to Gildun’s diary. Brin refers to the Burning Shores as a “place of flame and brine.”

Insider Gaming believes that Burning Shores will release in April 2023, a little over a year after Horizon Forbidden West‘s release. Horizon Zero Dawn also released its own expansion, The Frozen Wilds, a while after the base game’s launch. The naming convention checks out as well.

Since these rumours are starting to heat up, most fans are turning their attention to The Game Awards which takes place this week Thursday. Despite putting on smaller State of Play events throughout the year, Sony never hosted a larger showcase in 2022 like it traditionally did every year before. The hope is that PlayStation shifted some of its big first-party announcements to The Game Awards. We’ll only know for certain this week when The Game Awards airs on 8 December at 2:30 AM CAT (early Friday morning for South Africans).

Horizon Forbidden West is currently available exclusively for PS4 and PS5.

Source: The Snitch

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