Horizon Forbidden West Day One Update 1.04 Now Live

"Not the craziest of updates ever"

Horizon Forbidden West Review
Horizon Forbidden West Day One Update 1.04 Now Live

Guerrilla Games has released the Horizon Forbidden West day one update that aims to fix a handful of bugs. While I didn’t encounter many bugs during my playthrough of the game, this new update might iron out some of the issues reported on by other media outlets. No wait, I lie. The only bug I encountered was a black screen that popped up every now and then to act like it was loading. It didn’t happen much though.

The Horizon Forbidden West day one update only comes in at around 525MB and Guerrilla Games says the update fixes cosmetic issues, rare progression blockers and more.

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The full changelog includes:

Horizon Forbidden West Day One Update

  • Various performance improvements
  • Fixes for certain rare or conditional crashes
  • Fixes for certain rare or conditional progression blockers
  • Fixed a few instances where the Game Progression page in the Notebook would not update correctly
  • Addressed several cosmetic issues

If you are installing your game through a disc today then the update should automatically install. You can make sure the game is at the latest version by checking to see if it is on 1.04. If you are downloading the game, do the same thing. Pre-loaded games should also update automatically. With that being said, happy Horizon Forbidden West day. Don’t forget that we are giving a copy of the game away today on PS4 or PS5. Make sure you enter here or below. You can also watch our review of the game below or read it here.

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