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Horizon Forbidden West Dev Explains Why Burning Shores is PS5 Exclusive

Developer Guerrilla Games previously announced a massive expansion for Horizon Forbidden West titled Burning Shores. The extended story will take Aloy to the ruined, post-apocalyptic shorelines of Los Angeles in all-new locations. The massive DLC will be exclusive to PS5 despite the base game launching on PS4. Guerrilla Games has now explained why this decision was made.

Speaking on the PlayStation Blog, Guerrilla Games senior content and communications specialist Gillen McAllister talked about how focusing on PS5 allowed the studio to “charge forward” with Burning Shores. Since Horizon Forbidden West still had to be optimised for PS4 every time Guerrilla Games added or increased something, it might’ve contributed to longer development times. That was not an issue for Burning Shores since the developer could focus exclusively on PS5.

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McAllister’s full response on Horizon Forbidden West‘s Burning Shores DLC focusing on PS5 reads:

“On Horizon Forbidden West, everything we added or increased was something we’d need to have a plan around how to optimize for PS4 as well. On Burning Shores, since we can just focus on PS5, we’ve been able to charge forward and we’re really excited about what we’ve been able to pull off in creating this stunning post-post-apocalyptic version of Los Angeles.”

PS4 players who haven’t had a chance to purchase a PS5 yet are feeling divided on the news. Horizon Forbidden West also launched on PS4 alongside PS5 as part of Sony’s promise to launch some first-party games across generations while it sorted PS5 manufacturing and production. It’s understandable why Guerrilla Games chose to focus on PS5 since it potentially cuts development time and budget. We’ll just have to see how well Burning Shores leverages the PS5 hardware when it launches.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is set to release on 19 April 2023 for PS5.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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