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Horizon Forbidden West DLC Requires You to Beat The Base Story

The upcoming expansion for Horizon Forbidden West, titled Burning Shores, will require players to beat the main story in the base game first before accessing the new content. Developer Guerrilla Games confirmed the news in a recent update.

Horizon Zero Dawn‘s expansion, Frozen Wilds, didn’t necessarily require players to beat the main story of the first game since the DLC could be accessed once you reached a certain point in the game. However, Burning Shores is different as players will need to complete Horizon Forbidden West‘s main quests in order to play the new content. We assume this may be due to potential spoilers from the end of the base game that are addressed in the DLC.

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Once players complete the base game’s story and the final quest “Singularity”, Aloy will receive a call on her Focus which starts the events of Burning Shores.

Pre-orders for Burning Shores are currently live and thankfully, it won’t be cost you too much to experience. Players can purchase the DLC for R359 on the PlayStation Store, which unlocks in-game bonuses like the Blacktide Dye Outfit and Blacktide Sharpshot Bow.

Guerrilla Games talked more about Burning Shores in a previous blog post, detailing the game’s world and continuing story:

“Our creative vision for the Burning Shores is an ambitious expansion which will take Aloy to the ruins of Los Angeles. It’s an overgrown and fractured city that can be fully explored via the water and flying on the back of a Sunwing. A massive machine threat lurks in its shadows – a huge challenge that Aloy must overcome by using all of her skills and abilities.”

Unfortunately, the DLC will not release on PS4 despite the base game launching on the last-gen console. The studio previously explained why it’s a PS5 exclusive.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores launches on 19 April 2023 for PS5.

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