Horizon Forbidden West Gets VRR and HFR Features

"On supported displays of course"

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Horizon Forbidden West Gets VRR and HFR Features

Horizon Forbidden West players can now update their game to unlock new enhanced visual features. Guerrilla Games has added three new visual enhancements to Horizon Forbidden West including VRR, High Refresh Rate and a new 40Hz “Balanced” graphics mode.

The new features are a welcome addition to the game especially the added VRR support which has been out on PS5 for over three months now and a few games have been updated to support the tech.

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Guerrilla Games says the 40Hz mode is only available on supported displays, particularly those with 120FPS support. The graphics mode unlocks the frame rate and keeps it steady at 40Hz which is higher than 30FPS and lower than 60FPS. This way, the game is able to provide a middle-ground between the “Resolution Mode” at 4K with the best graphics while also offering a higher frame rate.

As for the High Refresh Rate mode, Guerrilla Games says that if players choose to play on this setting, Horizon Forbidden West will target between 60Hz and 120Hz depending on what they are doing. If you’re in intense combat, don’t expect the game to hit 120FPS but lower intense scenes will boost the frame rate higher than 60FPS. Keep in mind that this mode will also degrade the overall visuals in the game including texture rendering and draw distance quality.

The new Horizon Forbidden West graphics modes arrive alongside the new 1.17 patch which also brings some new bug fixes and more. You can read the full patch notes here.

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