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Horizon Forbidden West Has a Bigger Map and Dozens of New Machines – Releasing in 2021

Horizon Forbidden West Game Director Mathijs de Jonge revealed a load of new information about the upcoming PS5 game in a brand-new video. Along with a 2021 release window, the game will also have virtually no loading screens at all, dozens of new machines and even a new underwater mechanic that sees the player explore large areas of the map by swimming.

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According to Mathijs, the game will stretch a whole new area that ranges from the Pacific Ocean to the West of America. The new map is bigger than the previous game. In addition, it now includes a handful of biomes such as deep valleys, deserts, oceans and more.

As for machines, the game includes new ones that are bigger and feature more mechanics than the previous game. Some of these include the Shellsnappers which are large deadly turtles that guard swamps and shores. Snapmaws hunt under the water making it hard to swim and explore the ruins of sunken cities. Forbidden West also includes new human tribes one of which has mastered the ability to override machines and are using them as weapons.

As for the story, the game revolves around a collapsing biosphere represented by a red blight. This material is infecting the land and animal causing devastation in its path. Furthermore, the tribes and machines are deadlier than ever as they have adapted to the harsh new world.

Thanks to the PS5 SSD, Horizon Forbidden West will feature virtually no loading screens. Mathijs claims that opening the map, booting up the game, fast travelling and restarting at a checkpoint will be almost instant with no loading at all.

You can watch the new video down below. Keep in mind that while the game director talks about the new features, the trailer showcases no new content compared to what we saw last week.

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