Horizon Forbidden West Shows Off New Machines in Gorgeous Trailer

"Snakes, baboons and elephants"

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Horizon Forbidden West Shows Off New Machines in Gorgeous Trailer

Sony has released a brand new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West that focuses on the mechanical machines players can expect to come across in the game. While we have already seen quite a number of them from the previous trailers and reveals, this new trailer does showcase a few new ones.

In the trailer, we get a glimpse of the various machines. From the peaceful and non-hostile ones to the deadly predators. The trailer goes from the oceans to the desert to the forests and explores the machines players can expect to see in each biome.

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One of the more interesting new machines is probably the baboon. We can briefly see it leaping across the giant tree trunks in the clip. It will probably give players a tough time as it leaps and jumps around the area and players will have to keep their focus on these fast and deadly machines at all times.

Another massive machine to be revealed in the trailer is the desert cobra. This giant metal snake is seen slithering through the sand before wrapping its huge body around a building. It can also power itself up by extending its collar. We don’t know what happens when this machine glows but we can’t wait to see how deadly it can be.

Lastly, the trailer also shows off Aloy sneaking up on a machine before harnessing its power and turning it into a mount. While we don’t know to what extent these mounts will be available in the full game, we can only hope Horizon Forbidden West has a flying mount. Everyone is asking for it!

Check out the trailer down below. Horizon Forbidden West is to launch only on PS4 and PS5 on 18 February 2022.

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