Horizon Zero Dawn Arrives For PC on 7 August at a Great Price in SA Too
"Horizon Zero Dawn is launching at a steal."
Horizon Zero Dawn PC System Requirements Steam 2 guerrilla games ps4 exclusive
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Sony’s once PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is releasing early next month and it is cheap. Not only will the game feature a load of awesome PC-only settings such as ultra-wide support, unlocked frame rate and more, it will also cost you a lot less than other new releases. Horizon Zero Dawn on PC will set you back R269 when it arrives on Steam. We don’t know if it is a pricing mistake or what. However, the game is listed at $49,99 in the US which is a lot more expensive than R269. If you want the game, make sure you pre-order it in case the price goes up.

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UPDATE –  It seems the “cheaper” price tag was an error as the new price is R680. For those who picked it up at R269, good job.

Guerilla Games, the Sony-owned developer behind the upcoming PlayStation 5 sequel released a new trailer showcasing the great enhancements PC players can make to the upcoming game. It is short but you kinda get the idea. Unlocked framerate, dynamic foliage, deep graphics and customization options and more. Horizon Zero Dawn on PC will also have a benchmark tool.

Horizon Zero Dawn launched back in 2017 for PS4. A year later the game’s DLC “The Frozen Wilds” released. This means the PC version is the Complete Edition and included both the main game and the DLC. For those who don’t know, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic story starring a young woman named Aloy. She must journey through a forbidden landscape and survive and fight deadly mechanical creatures. The game marks one of many new PS4 IPs released this past generation which launched to massive success.

While we don’t know what Sony plans on doing for future released and whether or not the games will be arriving on PC too, it is nice to have this great game available for more people to enjoy. Catch up on all the PS5 Horizon Forbidden West news down below;






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