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Horizon Zero Dawn TV Series Gets The Umbrella Academy Showrunner

Netflix’s Horizon Zero Dawn TV series is finally moving ahead at the company after Sony previously announced that its best-selling exclusive would get a television adaptation. Now, Netflix has confirmed that Steve Blackman will be the series’ showrunner. Blackman is also the showrunner on The Umbrella Academy.

Additionally, Blackman also confirmed that the main character will be Aloy, though no actress has been named yet. The Horizon Zero Dawn TV series is still in the very early stages of production and it will be a while until we hear who gets cast in the leading role. Directors and screenwriters for the series have yet to be announced.

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Blackman released a statement talking about his new role on the Horizon Zero Dawn series:

“Horizon Zero Dawn is an exceptionally well-crafted game with wonderful characters not often seen in the rank-and-file of the gaming world. Their salvation comes in the form of a young female warrior named Aloy, who has no idea she’s the key to saving the world.

Suffice it to say, yes, Aloy will be a main character in our story. My writing partner on this, Michelle Lovretta, and I are thrilled to be able to expand this remarkable IP into a series for all types of viewers.”

Aloy being the main character is an important note as some adaptations tend to avoid using the protagonists from the games, namely Netflix’s Resident Evil which opted to focus on Albert Wesker and his daughters and not the key crew which includes Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and others.

In the same announcement of the Horizon Zero Dawn show, Sony also revealed that a God of War series was also in the works at Amazon, though we’ll likely hear more about that at a later stage.

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