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House of The Dragon Season 2 Starts Off Slow But Only Gets Better

There’s no doubt that the Game of Thrones series left a lot of fans disappointed. If anything, the controversial show, which is also one of the biggest shows in recent history, is a sore point for viewers. I have personally brought up Game of Thrones amongst friends a couple of times only for these conversations to end in screaming matches between one another.

With all the drama surrounding the original series, HBO took a gamble with the prequel story. The first season didn’t redeem the story but it did a good job of introducing new characters while leaning on much of the series’ strengths.

We also got the usual themes we all loved from the original series such as gore, incest, betrayal and fiery dragons. However, as the introduction season, it acted as a slow-burner and spent the majority of the show highlighting the characters and political depth of the world. Now that’s out of the way, Season 2 wastes very little time on the past and instead, plays into the strengths of the show.

Within the first four episodes, we’re welcomed to deeper characters and even more shocking revelations but not before spending the first episode catching up on the past with pages of dialogue. This was, of course, necessary. It is only natural for a show as complex as House of the Dragons to spend much of the first episode catching fans up.

HBO Game of Thrones Prequel Series Aegon I

Much of the first episode highlights the goings on in the world and the conflict between the Blacks and the Greens. If anything, the episode can be seen as a recap of the first season with the usual end-of-episode plot thickening game changer. Enter episode two and the difference in pacing is noticeable within the first few minutes.

Of course, in House of the Dragon, a “slow start” doesn’t mean a bad thing. I praise the first few episodes for focusing on the show’s character development over action. While we all love seeing blood and fire, the show is nothing without its characters and Season 2 seemingly puts them in front of everything else. The pacing feels different as war and combat take the back seat in favour of dark revelations and controversial dialogue.

This is also an obvious build-up for things to come. Instead of rushing into the action, which was a major downside in GoT 8, House of the Dragon is thoughtfully setting things up. It is almost as if the writers are determined to get viewers invested in each and every face only to have them suffer a cruel death somewhere down the line. It is what made the first four seasons of Game of Thrones so remarkable. Sadly, the show then lost the plot as it thought that keeping characters around would result in higher ratings.

House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon, on the other hand, is doing things a little differently, Season 2 especially. The show focuses on well-matched scene partners, various side hustles and less-complicated narrative to keep viewers engaged. I also think the streamlined, focused approach will help avoid any loose ends that happen to get dropped later down the line. Another drastic failure of GoT is all the lore and side characters that were introduced only to get completely left by the wayside.

A big focus for Season 2 is, of course, Team Black versus Team Green. This is the looming Dance of the Dragons Civil War and Season 2 will definitely highlight the historical event. The end of the first season determined what sides each character was on and Season 2 already expands on these motives within the first few episodes. Rhaenyra Targaryen leads Team Black with Alicent Hightower as the face of Team Green.

The entire Green vs. Black theme is quite a substantial part of House of the Dragon and I have a feeling it will be the most memorable moments in Season 2.

If you’re watching House of the Dragon and you’re struggling to stay in it after the first episode, don’t give up yet. Season 2 is shaping up to be an excellent moment for television. It just takes a while to get cooking. While I can’t share much on episodes 3 and 4, there’s a storm coming and you’ll want to stick around to see it.

House of the Dragon is now streaming on Showmax. Episode 1 is now available to watch on-demand. Episode 2 onwards arrives express from the US every Monday morning at 3 am. Find out more about the show and start streaming it here.

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