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How Gear and Item Upgrades Work in Resident Evil Village

Capcom is changing the way the upgrade system works in Resident Evil Village. According to new exclusive gameplay coverage at Gameinformer, Resident Evil has put a new emphasis on powering up its protagonist so he can survive the harsh gameplay and fight back against the deadly animals and beasts that roam the game.

Just as in past games, Resident Evil Village relies on clever ammo consumption and making the best use of the items and gear you have. When players slay enemies in Resident Evil Village they will drop resources including poultry, fish, meat and furs. These ingredients are then used to obtain permanent upgrades from The Duke’s Kitchen.


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Duke will play host to a range of recipes that require specific resources in order to obtain and unlock them. These recipes act as upgrades to Ethan’s stats. The Bird and Beast Pilaf, for example, decreases damage taken when he guards. This is a permanent upgrade.

As for the inventory and weapon upgrades, Resident Evil Village has also tweaked the formula here too. Throughout the game, players will kill enemies and loot the world in search of the currently called Lei. Enemies drop this currency and throughout the game, you will find treasures that can be sold to the Duke for Lei.

Lei is then used to purchase gear and upgrades in Resident Evil Village through The Duke’s Kitchen. He will offer new recipes that unlock the ability to craft shotgun gear, better healing items and even throwable deadly grenades. Duke also lets players upgrade unlocked weapons by increasing the firepower, rate of fire, reload speed and capacity.

Resident Evil Village is set to launch on 7 May 2021 for PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC. Don’t forget to tune into the Resident Evil Showcase event set to kick off tonight at 00:00 SAT. Find out more about it here.

Source: Gameinformer

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