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How Long is Final Fantasy VII Remake and What About New Game Plus?

Final Fantasy VII Remake is out on Friday and if you are picking it up then you are going to have a great time. We reviewed the game and gave it a 9.8/10 saying that it is one of the most ambitious remakes in gaming and one of the best RPGs you can play this generation. But how long is the game and what happens when you complete it?

Note – This article contains NO SPOILERS.

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How long is Final Fantasy VII Remake?

The game spans 18 chapters. Throughout the game, you will be taken to different locations in Midgar and some chapters feature a range of side quests to complete. We completed everything the game had to offer and left a handful of arena challenges behind. This took us 45 hours. We predict a quick run-through of the game will take around 30 hours if you don’t diddle-daddle and stop to take in the sights.

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What to do After you Beat Final Fantasy VII Remake?

So you want to know what happens after you spend around 45 hours with the game and the credits roll? After you complete the game on any of the first three difficulties you then unlock hard mode. New content also unlocks in the game as hard mode acts as a new game plus mode at the same time. It gives you the ability to choose chapter 1 and replay it earning double XP and triple AP during combat.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

All your gear, levels and materia are also carried over to hard mode so think of the mode as the big post-game grind. The battles you encounter are also a lot harder so it will deliver a challenge as you level up, unlock new skills and master more materia.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Level Cap

The level cap in Final Fantasy VII Remake is 50. You will most likely hit this in hard mode unless you grind your life away in normal. Once you hit the level cap, you can start focusing on building your party’s power through levelling up your weapons and mastering materia. The game throws some challenging battles your way during hard mode so, by the time you reach Chapter 18, you will need to be a powerhouse in order to master the game’s arenas and bosses.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

So there you have it. The game offers some fun ways to spend your time after you complete it. While the level cap is a bit low, we will most likely see this increase in the next chapters. Whenever they arrive.

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