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How to Access The Hidden PS5 Web Browser

If you have been searching your PS5 console for a web browser and can’t find it you’re not crazy. Sony did not include a dedicated browser on the console. They claim it is something they will add in the future if they see a demand for it. A PS5 web browser can come in handy for those who enjoy surfing the net on your console and checking sites for guides on specific games. However, many of us just do this on our phones now so we understand why Sony left the feature out.


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Thankfully, there is a way to access the PS5 web browser even though the route to get into it is not the easiest. A user on the PS5 subreddit page posted a guide on how to access the web browser.

In short, all you need to do is send a friend a PS message to a search engine such as On your PS5 console, you can then click on the link in the message (both you and your friend can do this). This will then open a browser window that has a locked address bar. You can then simply google the site you want to visit and load it through a Google search result.

The Reddit user then claims that you can even pin the browser to the side of your screen similar to the new Share Screen ability. Once pinned, pressing the quick menu will force the browser to appear as an activity card so you can easily click on it without repeating the same message step over again. The card also has its own set of buttons that can refresh the page, go back, forward and even zoom in.

HTML5 works on the browser according to users which means you can watch videos on YouTube and other HTML5 video sites. Unfortunately, you cannot save a bookmark or a favourite page yet. However, if Sony does end up adding the browser to the console, they will most likely bring that feature along with it.

You can read the full explanation on Reddit here.

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