If you are an iPhone user then you probably know how convenient it is to have your credit cards and boarding passes on your device through the Wallet App. While Apple is busy rolling out official COVID Vaccine Certificate support for the Wallet App, the company probably won’t enable it in South African any time soon. Thankfully, South Africans now have a way to add their COVID Vaccine Certificate to the Wallet app before that happens. This is thanks to a site called Hou Jou Vax.

Hou Jou Vax lets users upload a copy of their COVID Vaccine Certificate to the site which in turn, adds it to the Wallet App. This can either be done by scanning the QR code straight from your mobile device or uploading the PDF you can obtain from the official government site. The process is pretty simple and takes just a few seconds to save to your iPhone Wallet App.

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How to Add South African COVID Vaccine Certificate to Apple Wallet

Users who have a valid COVID Vaccine Certificate need to head on over to the Hou Jou Vax site. Once there, follow these steps to complete your upload of the QR code or PDF document.

  • Go to Hou Jou Vax
  • Choose to either scan your QR code on the COVID Vaccine Certificate or upload the PDF
  • Agree to the Privacy Policy
  • Allow the site to save your digital vaccination card to your Wallet App
  • You’re done

Huge thanks to Hou Jou Vax for making this site and enabling South Africans to live a first-world life even without electricity.

Source: Twitter

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