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How To Bypass Diablo 4 Early Access Game Share Restrictions

We already know that users can’t game share the early access license that comes with the Dialo 4 Deluxe and Ultimate Edition. This means if you usually share purchases with a friend or family member, only the person who paid for the Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition Diablo 4 will be able to play the game before its launch on 6 June.

This is because all the DE and UE extras that come with the game are tied to your Battle Net account and when that person that game shares tries to log in, the server detects they don’t own the “extras” and denies them entry. You can read the full explanation of the story here.

Thankfully, there’s a way to bypass this restriction for now. It requires you to have two controllers and in theory, launch a couch co-op session with the owner of the DE and UE game and log out leaving you behind in the server they carry you into.

How To Bypass Diablo 4 Early Access Game Share Restrictions

The method is simple:

DE owner – the person who bought the game / Non-DE owner – the person game sharing

  • Log on to non DE owner’s console with DE owner’s account
  • Start Diablo 4 under the DE owner’s account
  • Create a new character
  • Skip / watch the intro video
  • Once you spawn by the cave, connect a second for non-DE owner
  • You will see an option for non-DE owner to join couch co-op and create a character
  • Create a character for non-DE owner
  • Your character will spawn in, you’re now both connected to couch co-op.
  • With DE owner’s controller, tap the touchpad and go to “Leave Game”
    Wait for DE owner to disappear from the screen
  • With DE owner’s Controller, log out of their local console account
  • At this point, non-DE owner is logged into their character,
  • DE-owner can then log into their account normally and play

The next time you play, you’ll just need to repeat the last steps:

  • Log on to non-DE owner’s account with DE owner’s account
  • Start the game and connect the second controller
  • Sign in with the non-DE owner’s account
  • Exit game as DE owner and log out of console

We hope this helps bypass the Diablo 4 Early Access game-sharing restrictions for the time being. On Tuesday when the game officially launches, you won’t need to do these steps.



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  • Driftedjlo 4 June 2023

    It did work but the owner of the game can’t sign in on another system.

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