How to Claim Your Free PSVR Camera Adaptor For PS5 From Sony
"Get your adaptor so you can enjoy VR on your PS5."
Sony New PSVR Headset PS5 Free PSVR Camera adaptor
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If you are an owner of the PSVR system and have upgraded to a PS5 then you have most likely realized by now that the console does not have an auxiliary port for the HD camera. In addition, the PS5 HD camera does not work on the PS VR system which means you need to use your older camera when using the headset on the new console. In order to do so, you will need to claim your free PS VR camera adaptor for PS5 from Sony. Yes, it is free! Here’s how you can claim your free camera adaptor to use the PSVR on the PS5.


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First off, you need to be in a region where the program is running and visit the global support channel for your country. You can follow the links down below.

You now want to fill in the form. First, you need to grab your PSVR serial number which is located at the back of the processor unit. This is that black box where you plug in the cables and power. Depending on your region will depend on the serial number and what it starts with. It either starts with a “C”, “M”, or “P”. Simply fill in the number and triple-check it.

Now, you will need to enter your details including your physical address where you want the adaptor delivered. Sony also requires an email address and your full name. According to reports, the adaptor takes around 1-2 weeks to arrive. Once shipped, Sony sends you an email with the tracking information. The PSVR adaptor for PS5 is an auxiliary to a USB port which allows users to plug in their original PS4 HD camera into the console.








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