How to Play Lost Ark in South Africa and Bypass Unavailable Your Region Error

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Lost Ark South Africa VPN
How to Play Lost Ark in South Africa and Bypass Unavailable Your Region Error

Lost Ark isn’t available in South Africa. Due to developer Smilegate failing to apply for publishing rights in the country, you can’t download the game through Steam. If you try and head over to the Steam page, you are slapped with an “unavailable your region” error. Thankfully, South Africans have confirmed that using a VPN to download the game works like a charm.

There’s some good news to this VPN too. Thanks to the game being free, you can easily just use a VPN to access the game without worrying about credit card information matching your region. Usually, while VPN methods help to bypass region restrictions, some marketplaces don’t accept credit cards for other countries making that another hurdle you have to try and get over.

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Playing Lost Ark in South Africa is pretty simple according to most users who are loving the game. You simply need to follow some steps and get the game going:

Play Lost Ark in South Africa

  • Connect to a VPN in Europe (or a region where the game is available)
  • Open an incognito tab
  • Google Lost Ark Steam
  • Go to the Lost Ark Steam page
  • Click “Play Game”
  • Click “Yes, Steam is installed”
  • Allow the popup to “Open Steam Client Bootstrapper”
  • Once the game starts downloading you can close the VPN and won’t need a VPN again

It seems that while Lost Ark isn’t available in South Africa, you only need the VPN to trigger the initial download of the game. Once you have it downloaded, you can boot it up and connect to the servers without any hassles. It is only the initial Steam product page that has to be bypassed. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Thanks to Johan Heymans for sharing this with us. We are not sure what happens to the in-game purchases. Given that the game isn’t available here, these additional purchases might show in a different currency so be wary of that.  You can also watch a video on how to do this below:

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