With COVID-19 literally everywhere you look online, a lot of people are cashing in on the pandemic by creating fake news, fake videos and fake messages about the situation not only in South Africa but around the world. But how do you report fake news in South Africa? Perhaps you spot an article that spreads fear and false information or get a WhatsApp sharing false news? Well, you can report fake news in South Africa and it is very easy.

The South African Government has set up various ways to report fake news in SA. You can either email [email protected] or send a text to the South African fake news WhatsApp line at 067 966 4015.

Be sure to include a screenshot of the news, video or text along with any links that may be important to track down the creator of the content. While reporting all fake news is important, these accounts have been set up to try and curb the spread of local news especially.

Fake news is damaging to the country and spreads like wildfire. For example, right before the SA lockdown, SPAR shared an infographic regarding COVID-19 in animals stating that owners should stay away from pet environments and wash their hands after playing with them. This resulted in owners dumping their pets at the SPCA and even abandoning them on the road.

Help stop the spread of fake news in South Africa by reporting it as soon as you see it. Be sure to also inform friends and family sharing fake news on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media platforms that it is indeed false. Sharing false news can result in imprisonment and a hefty fine. Be sure to report any false news in South Africa as soon as you see it.

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