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How to Transfer Hogwarts House, Wand and Potronus From Wizarding World to Hogwarts Legacy

If you have been a long-time Harry Potter fan then you likely already have your Hogwarts house, wand and Potronus set up through the Wizarding World website. If not, the Wizarding World portal allows you to get sorted into your school house, get your wand and even a chosen Potronus through a series of questions. In Hogwarts Legacy, you can transfer this information to the game to automatically get placed in the same house, and get the wand the Potronus.

Setting up or transferring this information is pretty simple and you’ll want to get it done before you jump into the game. All you need to do is link your gaming platform account to your WB Games account and then that account to your Wizarding World profile. That way, it all talks to one another and your information is sent over to your gaming profile instantly. This works for all platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC. Of course, you’ll only be able to see the fruits of your labour when the Hogwarts Legacy launches on your platform.

Here’s how to transfer your Hogwarts House, Wand and Potronus from the Wizarding World to Hogwarts Legacy

  1. Pop over to this link to begin the process
  2. Log into your account or create a profile from scratch
  3. Once your account is created, it will ask you to perform the Ceremony to complete your profile.
  4. Now, complete the Potronus CeremonyWand Ceremony and Sorting Ceremony
  5. Once done, head on over to the WB Games website.
  6. Create a profile or log into your existing one
  7. Once logged in, click on the “Connections” tab
  8. You’ll now want to link the gaming platform and Harry Potter Fan Club to this account
  9. Click on both and sign in using your login details
  10. Once done, refresh the page and it should show a green username next to the account meaning it is connected

When you’re in Hogwarts Legacy, this account information will automatically transfer and your Hogwarts house, wand and Potronus will be in the game.

Linking your accounts will also reward you with Bear Skull Mask and House Fan-atic School Robe. These are cosmetic items you can use in the game.

Source: Wizarding World

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