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How to Transfer PS4 Content To PS5, Use Your PSN Account and More

It seems that Sony realized the US is a week away from getting their hands on the PS5 console and they still don’t know much about it. They plan to fix this issue with a handful of helpful videos on how to transfer PS4 games to PS5, using your PSN account on the console and a range of settings users can use on the device.


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The first PS5 video touches on user accounts, setting up the PS5 for the first time and how to update the console. In addition, the video reveals that just like the Xbox Series X, users can use the PlayStation App to sign in to the console.

The next video is all about the console’s settings. The video goes through the audio settings and how users can choose between a range of 3D audio settings that may suit their listening experience. In addition, users can tweak the controller vibration and change the console’s power settings. Optimized Experience acts as the “Standby Mode” where users can turn on the console with the PlayStation App and charge their controllers. Users can also allow for automatic updates while the console is in this mode.

Lastly, and probably the most important of all is the PS4 data transfer to the PS5. In the video, Sony explains the various ways users can transfer their content to the new console. Firstly, there’s data transfer which is performed with either WiFi or a LAN cable. Users need to sign into both consoles and start the transfer in the system settings. Sony says that users can continue to use their PS5 while the data is being transferred from the PS4.

Users can also insert discs to install the game on their PS5 or simply connect your external HDD to the new console which automatically detects the PS4 games on it. In addition, you are able to simply download the games again from the PlayStation Store on the new console.

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