The Entire Huawei Mate 30 Series Leaks Ahead of Thursday’s Launch
Huawei Mate 30 Pro
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Following in basically every smartphone maker’s footsteps this year, the upcoming Huawei Mate 30 Series has leaked ahead of its reveal later this week. The leaks reveal the upcoming Mate 30 series will not include Google apps or services and come in four different versions.

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The Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Mate 30, Mate 30 Lite, and the Mate 30 Porche Design will be announced later this week. Starting off with the Mate 30 Pro, this top-of-the-range device features curves on both the left and the right side of the phone. On the back, the previously-leaked Leica cameras with four sensors have now been confirmed.

The Mate 30 seems to have a much smaller display than the 30 Pro with a smaller notch too. The device does not include a curved display. The Mate 30 Lite is very different from the other two models and includes a punch-hole camera display instead of a notch. It also has the fingerprint sensor at the back of the device which seems to confirm the other two models will include it under the display.

Huawei Mate 30

As for the Porche Design, it features the same display and design as the Mate 30 Pro but instead of a plastic back, it is a leather-like and glass material.

The big question here is what operating system are these devices running? Could they be running a stock version of Google or are they running Huawei’s new HarmonyOS? It is hard to confirm by only looking at the images. We will have to wait for confirmation on the HarmonyOS and pricing. Huawei is set to reveal the entire range on Thursday this week. We will be attending the announcement and will share more information shortly.






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