Huawei Now Banned From Using MicroSD Cards
Huawei Blacklisting
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After all the controversy surrounding Huawei and the Trump Administration, things are just getting worse as the weeks go by. The latest sees Huawei being banned from using any MicroSD technology in its hardware going forward.

SD Association confirmed the news to Android Authority. Huawei has been removed from the group after Trump’s decision to add them onto the entity list. MicroSD card will work on all current phones and devices as usual but being banned from the SD Association means Huawei will not be able to use them for future products.

The news is not a huge blow to the Huawei mobile division. The company already created its own proprietary “Nano-Memory Card” which has been in devices such as the latest P30 series and mate 20 Pro. These phones cannot use the MicroSD at all as they don’t fit.

The issue could be lethal to their other hardware practices such as their notebooks and tablets as these devices have MicroSD slots for easy camera transfers. This will no longer be the case going forward.

It seems Huawei had been preparing for this ban too and the Nano-Memory Card was their safety net when the ban went into effect. Now we just wait and see what its plan is for the lack of Android and whether or not they actually have an OS in development for Huawei devices going forward. If anything, all these blows are slowly building Huawei into its own entity that will no longer rely on American software and hardware to run.






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