Founder Remains Very Confident Amidst Huawei Sanctions

The founder of Huawei Technologies Co., Ren Zhengfei, has stated in an interview that the company will continue to dominate, despite the current drama it’s facing due to Huawei sanctions being imposed by the US, which has led other companies to ban Huawei, too.

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But the Huawei founder doesn’t seem to think the US ban will bring the Chinese company under.  In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Ren Zhengfei stated that the company remains confident that the Huawei sanctions won’t threaten its two-year lead over rivals like Ericsson and Nokia.

Ren Zhengfei conceded that the latest Huawei sanctions imposed by the US government under the Trump administration will damage the Chinese company slightly, it will not deter it from ramping up its efforts. The founder went on to explain that the Chinese company will be working around the Huawei sanctions by either creating its own products, like operating systems and microchips or it will find alternative suppliers to ensure it continues to grow in the smartphone market. The Chinese company already creates its own proprietary Nano-Memory Card which has been in devices such as the latest P30 series and mate 20 Pro.

Last week, US president, Donald Trump said that the Huawei sanctions were imposed over fears that the Chinese government has been working with the Chinese company to spy on its users, especially its US users. He went on to suggest that the security threat that Huawei allegedly poses to the US, could be curbed through a trade deal between the US government and the Chinese government. He didn’t divulge any details as to how such a trade deal would eliminate the alleged security threats that Huawei poses.

Do you think the Huawei sanctions will be damaging the Chinese company? Drop a comment in the comments section.

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