Starfield Bethesda Game Studios Leak Details

Huge Starfield Leak Reveals Plenty of Potential Details

A massive Starfield leak has surfaced which drops plenty of potential details about Bethesda Game Studios’ upcoming space RPG. The leak in question accurately called several details revealed in the official developer update recently, which gives this leak some ground to stand on.

Posted by Reddit user OdahP a couple of weeks back, the post resurfaced after it got several details about Starfield correct when they were announced by Bethesda in a recent video. The leak is too large to discuss each point in detail, but we’ll talk about some of the major highlights of the leak.

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Firstly, the post states that levelling will be similar to Skyrim, but done better. Certain areas will scale higher until you reach a certain level, then it scales to your level. There will be organic levelling too.

Starfield will have plenty of hand-crafted planets to travel to, with each planet roughly being about the size of Skyrim. One of these planets will be a giant city hub area called New Atlantis. You can travel through space by “blinking” as seen in the teaser trailer, with the flight system being simple and easy to use.

As revealed in the developer update, players will be able to travel with companions, presuming some of them also form part of your space-faring crew. Best (or worst?) of all, your companions can permanently be killed.

RPG elements will be greatly expanded. Combat in Starfield will be based on skills and augmentations, but more focused on biotech. Bethesda is also improving character creation, including a silent protagonist. Players will also receive scars in battle. Furthermore, players will have various start options, similar to the famous Alternate Start mod from Skyrim.

Lastly, your ship will be customisable (room based) and will also take damage if you run into ship combat sections. Ship destruction will happen on a room-by-room basis, meaning you’ll likely have to maintain your ship if it takes hits.

Modding tools will also make a return, meaning Starfield will likely be able to be modded like Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

If you want a full breakdown of all the details discussed in the leak, head over to Reddit to read the lengthy post. As with all leaks, though, take this with a grain of salt until Bethesda really blows the lid open on Starfield sometime this year.

Starfield is currently in development for Xbox Series X/S and PC and releases on 11 November 2022.

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