Hugh Jackman Gets Guinness World Record For Wolverine
Hugh Jackman
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Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart are both being honoured with Guinness World Records for the roles they’ve played in Marvel movies. The Guinness World Records awarded to these two actors are for their X-men characters – Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier aka Professor X – they’ve portrayed in various Marvel movies. The Awards were for having the longest live-action Marvel superhero careers out of any other stars.

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Both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart first portrayed their iconic X-Men roles in the first X-Men movie, all the way back in 2000. Since then, they’ve portrayed the exciting characters in numerous different Marvel movies, with their last appearance together in the 2017-movie, Logan. This means that Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart have been playing the roles of Wolverine and Professor X for 16 years and 228 days.

Hugh Jackman appeared on The Morning Show to receive the honours, which he shares with his co-star, Patrick Stewart, of having been superheroes longer than any other actors or actresses. Patrick Stewart makes a video appearance to accept the joint Record these stars now hold. Hugh Jackman is clearly way more excited about this achievement than Patrick Stewart, smiling from ear to ear, calling it the “highlight” of his life, joking that “this is why I got into showbiz“. It has apparently been a life-long dream of the actor’s to hold a Guinness World Record. You can watch the sweet clip from The Morning Show below.

Logan was apparently the last appearance by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Professor X, so the next generation of stars might get to portray these iconic characters soon.






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