Humble Bundle Announces Massive Changes Switching to Humble Choice

Humble Bundle Choice
Humble Bundle Announces Massive Changes Switching to Humble Choice

Humble Bundle has announced it will undergo massive changes throughout its business. Both its store and Humble Bundle package subscription will undergo changes.

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Up to now, Humble Bundle has offered a subscription service that allowed subscribers to get bundles of new games each month with proceeds going to various charities. This is going to change as Humble Bundle announced its monthly subscription service will be renamed to “Humble Choice”.

This new approach offers customers a variety of subscription tiers ranging from cheap to expensive offering greater benefits depending on the tier you choose. Anyone who is currently subscribed to Humble Monthy will be converted into a “Classic” tier which according to the site is the “best value for money”.

The Classic model will not be available to anyone who is not subscribed to the service when the revamped offerings kick-off and for those who do not sign up before the service launches, you will have to pay a $19,99 monthly price to get the Classic tier benefits instead of $12.

Humble Bundle Choice

Other tiers include a $4,99 Lite, a $14,99 basic and the $19,99 Premium which is the same as the Classic tier but for those who have not signed up to Humble Bundle Monthly before “Choice” launches.

But the revamp is not being welcomed with open arms. So far, the video is receiving a lot of negative feedback from users with more dislikes than likes. Many users stating that the issues began when IGN bought out the company. Other users state Humble is forcing them into a tier they are not interested in and others complaining that the choice of games will ruin the “discovery” that came with playing indie games included in the bundle each month.

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We will have to see how the reception is when the service launches later this year.

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