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Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle 2 is Available For South Africans

We generally don’t talk about Humble Bundles anymore because let’s face it, if you are a PC gamer looking for a bargain then there is no doubt you have an eye on Humble Bundle each week. The latest bundle, however, isn’t for PC gamers but instead for PlayStation 4 owners. The Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle 2 delivers a total of 11 games from publisher THQ Nordic and it is no doubt a fantastic deal.

However, the one thing that makes this bundle stand out, even more, is that for one of the first times ever, the keys are redeemable on the South African PlayStation Store. No more creating a US account and having to switch between accounts, all you need to do is grab the bundle and add the keys to your regular PSN SA account. Too good to be true? Check out the list of countries that Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle 2 is available in right here for yourself!

The bundle contains “$269 worth of awesome games” which is nearly R4,000 at the current Dollar to Rand conversion rate. To put things into perspective, Darksiders Warmastered Edition which comes in the bundle will set you back R329 on the PlayStation Store, while the entire Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle 2 which includes 10 other games will only set you back R220.

Check out the full list of games in the latest amazing bundle below. Note that at the time of writing the Dollar to Rand conversion rate is $1 to R14.64.

Tier 1 – Pay $1 (R14.64) or more:

  • Lock’s Quest
  • Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Director’s Cut

Tier 2 – Pay more than the average (currently $12.19) to also unlock:

  • This Is the Police
  • The Dwarves
  • Red Faction II
  • Black Mirror
  • Destroy All Humans! 2

Pay $15 (R219.75) or more to also unlock:

  • Titan Quest
  • Darksiders Warmastered Edition
  • Sine Mora EX
  • Battle Chasers: Nightwar
  • $2 Humble Wallet credit for Monthly subscribers

The Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle 2 is without a doubt a deal that PlayStation 4 owners shouldn’t miss out on. It is wonderful to see a bundle boasting keys that work with South African PSN accounts for once. Hopefully, this will become the norm in the future.

You have until 13 November at 19:00 South African time to take advantage of this amazing offer, so don’t miss out.

What do you think about the contents of the Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle 2? Let usk now in the comment section below.

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