Hunt: Showdown Launches Today on Consoles But Not in South Africa
Hunt: Showdown PS4 Xbox One South Africa
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Crytek and Koch Media today launched a new PvPvE survival game called Hunt: Showdown. It is a highly anticipated multiplayer bounty hunting game where players face off against deadly creatures in an eerie map as they try to survive not only the monsters but the Hunters too. A typical match of Hunt: Showdown sees ten players in teams of two (or solo) go up against each other as they race to take out the gruesome beasts for a bounty while fighting off other players.

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Hunt: Showdown has been in early access for some time already on Steam but today marks the release of the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Unfortunately, if you are a console player living in SA, you are going to have to give this game a skip as it has not released in our territory. I have reached out to our local distributor for Koch Media to find out what the story is but so far, the game is nowhere to be found both in-store and on the digital marketplaces.

Heading over to the PlayStation Store link for the US version of the game results in an error. The Xbox version of Hunt: Showdown reveals the game is simply not available. The only retailer with copies seems to be Raru but by the look of that delivery time, it is imported from the US.

PC gamers in SA have been playing the game for some time already as the release was not limited to a specific region. Console gamers, however, might have to hang on for this title. Perhaps the developers have yet to implement a database for this multiplayer game which could be the reason behind its delay. Whatever it is, I will update you as soon as I learn more. If you are on PC and want to jump into the action, head over to Steam to buy the game.






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