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Hyenas Closed Beta Announced With New Gameplay Trailer

SEGA has announced a closed beta test for its upcoming Hyenas game. The beta will take place on PC from 31 August to 11 September. Alongside the beta announcement, the publisher has also shared a new gameplay trailer in case you had no idea what Hyenas was all about in the first place.

Creative Assembly has developed Hyenas. The same studio that brought you Alien: Isolation back in the day. The team also works on the Total War series. If anything, Hyenas is quite far from what the studio usually delivers and is the first shooter the team has developed.

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Hyenas sees five teams of three battling AI and each other to steal objects across various maps called Plunderships. These ships also have areas with zero gravity and players need to adapt to these environments on the go.

Each “Specialist” in Hyenas also featured their own skill set and style. Comparing these characters to heroes in Overwatch is likely the best way to describe them. Teams should have their own balance of attackers and defenders.

The trailer reveals a few of these characters. There’s someone who can bring up a shield to protect from enemy weapon fire. There’s a mech and a guy who can deploy sentry turrets. There’s also this strange-looking foam substance which can wall off certain areas.

“The closed beta will feature eight specialists including newcomers Mozie – the OG Hyena – and rock-and-roll roadie Digits. They will join ballerina Prima, astronaut Commander Wright, super speedy cosplayer Hero-Ki, Sniper El Silbón, gamer Doc Hotfix and defense connoisseur drag queen Galaxia as they dive into zero-G action across the massive Plundership, Earth Vintage.”

Players can now register for the closed beta by visiting the Steam link here. Be sure to click Request Access in order to secure a possible spot.

In an industry saturated by PvP team-based shooters, it will be interesting to see how Hyenas manages to survive. The game is set to launch on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC and Mac later this year. Check out the trailer below.

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