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Hyenas is a New Multiplayer FPS from Alien: Isolation Studio

A couple of days ago, we reported on Alien: Isolation developer Creative Assembly teasing its next project, a sci-fi first-person shooter that will be detached from the Alien universe. Now, the team has officially revealed the game as Hyenas, a new multiplayer sci-fi FPS that focuses on PvEvP and has a rather unique gameplay loop.

Hyenas will allow 15 players per match split up into 5 teams of 3. The objective will be to steal the most treasures from maps primarily set on freighter ships in space, avoiding security as well as other players. The treasures will be “pop culture artifacts”, as shown by the Sonic the Hedgehog collectible and more. The team with the most amount of loot in the end wins.

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SEGA, which published Alien: Isolation too, will once again serve as the publisher of Hyenas. We can probably expect a few more SEGA Easter eggs if the objective is to steal artifacts from pop culture. This gives Hyenas a rather unique approach to the usual class-based shooters on the market.

Another interesting feature in Hyenas is zero gravity. Since you’ll primarily be in space, you’ll have to fight gravity (or a lack thereof) and find creative ways to utilise it while traversing the environment. We’ve seen similar mechanics previously in games like Lawbreakers, though for Hyenas‘ sake, we hope it doesn’t go down the same tragic route.

Hyenas is quite a deviation from Creative Assembly’s tense and atmospheric survival horror of Alien: Isolation, but we welcome new ideas if they’re executed well. It’s also not known if this will be a free-to-play title or not, but we’ll surely hear more news in the coming months.

The game currently doesn’t have a release date but players can already sign up on Hyenasofficial website for a chance to take part in an upcoming alpha playtest.

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